A self-contained markdown compiler

HastyScribe is a simple, self-contained, command-line program able to convert markdown files into self-contained HTML pages, automatically embedding all the needed fonts, stylesheets and images.

HastyScribe is:

  • cross-platform, you can download precompiled binaries for macOS, Linux and Windows.
  • self-contained, it’s a command-line application that doesn’t require installing or prerequisites: it’s all in a single, small, executable file.
  • a powerful markdown compiler, which leverages the feature-rich Discount markdown engine, and adds even more features like snippets, custom fields, and substitution macros.
  • able to generate self-contained, responsive HTML5 documents that can be viewed with any major modern broswer, and look great on any device.

For more information and a sample of HastyScribe’s power, you can download and read the HastyScribe User Guide – generated with HastyScribe of course.