10 more programming languages worth checking out

Another look at 10 non-mainstream programming languages, 10 years later

It has been exactly 10 years today since I published my 10 programming languages worth checking out article on this web site.

Over the last 10 years I thought about writing another non-mainstream programming language roundup, but I never got around to it, until I looked at the date of the original article a few months ago, and I thought about publishing its sequel exactly 10 yearns afterwards.

The following 10 sections are devoted to 10 different programming languages. They are not numbered and they are presented in alphabetical order, because there’s no winner in this list. Also, the number of people actively using these languages varies quite a lot, but none of these can be considered, at the time of writing, a mainstream programming language like JavaScript, C, C++, Python or Ruby.

For each language, I included a brief overview, an example implementation of the FizzBuzz problem (in most cases adapted from RosettaCode), and a collection of links to get started.

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