Introducing LiteStore

A tiny, lightweight, self-contained, RESTful document store

Lately I have become more and more interested in client-side single-page applications. Nowadays you can write your web apps in Javascript using your favorite framework, without any server-side logic, but you obviously still need:

  • some web service to retrieve and persist your application data.
  • a web server to serve the source code and the static assets of your web application.

NodeJS is probably one of the easiest backend to setup for prototyping SPAs. It is very easy to create a simple web server in Node and to implement a simple REST API using Express or a similar framework, but you still need to install node and write some code to wire up your backend.

I wanted something even more lazy then that. I wanted a fully self-contained program able to:

  • Serve static files
  • Act as a simple JSON document store
  • Provide a simple REST API to work with
  • (bonus!) provide a way to pack web apps for easy distribution

…and that’s how I ended up developing LiteStore.

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Introducing HastyScribe

A simple command-line application to generate self-contained HTML documents