Welcome to H3RALD.com. This site used to be a fairly active blog back in the early 2000s, but sadly I progressively lost interest in writing articles, perhaps because I didn't have anything new to write about that you couldn't find elsewhere. However, all the content is still here, so feel free to browse through the articles section.

As I progressively neglected writing, I started creating more and more small programs and tools to perform common tasks, mostly using the Nim programming language. They are all open source, they all have a dedicated project page here, and there's some pretty decent documentation for most of them. You can find them all in the projects section.

Last but not least, I also added a grimoire section, where you'll find useful spells to cast on with your command line to solve common problems (and save some time instead of searching the web or asking AI bots or something).

Enjoy your stay, and thank you for stopping by!

— Fabio