What I am doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

What really matters

I am an extremely happy husband and father of a lovely baby girl (she’s growing up very fast, but she’ll always be my baby!). Essentially, I have two additional bosses outside of work, but I don’t mind: I love spending time with my family and I hope I can be the best husband and father in the world for them.


I am currently working as a Technical Product Manager and Product Owner for a fairly well-known industrial automation company. I do love my job and working with my teams, even though I am working 100% remotely (most of the people I work with are either in India or the US).

Because I have worked as a tech writer, developer, and architect in the past, people say that I’m not the typical product manager, as I tend to deep dive quite a bit into the technology and programming side of things. I love programming after all, and even if I don’t get to do it at work that much, I still do it in my (very little) free time.

H3RALD ecosystem

I’ve recently collected what I call the H3RALD Ecosystem on code.h3rald.com. It is a collection of my own tools, mainly for my personal use, that may also be useful to others. Every project is open source, and every project is either a standalone, self-contained command line tool or something equally minimal. You can obtain the source code of each of these tools via code.h3rald.com, Sourcehut, or GitHub (even though I am thinking of progressively giving up GitHub).

In particular, I am more frequently tinkering with min, mn, LiteStore, HastyScribe and HastySite. Projects like pls and nimhttpd are fairly complete, so changes are going to be more sporadic, but I am using them literally every day as well.

Permacomputing, frugal computing, Solarpunk, artisan engineering…

In July 2023, I stumbled across a thread on Hacker News pointing to the Uxn ecosystem. I became fascinated by this, and started researching more on frugal computing, and similar concepts. Around the same time frame, I also joined the Merveilles webring and community — it has been a wonderful and eye-opening journey so far.

I have always felt a bit uneasy at the apparent necessity of our day-to-day life to rely on walled gardens and overly-bloated software for our day job and even for leisure. By contrast, I have always been obsessed with finding the right tool for the job, or — better — even make my own nifty tool.

Right now, I am focusing on:

  • Making my web sites (this one in particular) smaller and less bloated, because the small web is beautiful
  • Learning about Uxn, the Varvara computer system, and the Uxntal assembly language, with the aim to contribute to this ecosystem and leverage it to create my own sustainable applications.
  • Learning more and more from the members of the Merveilles community

Semper exploro

When it comes to science fiction and utopias, I am a devote follower of anything concerning the Star Trek franchising, from TV shows to movies, and even games to an extend. Star Trek portrays an ideal future in which humanity finally managed to sort itself out (well, for the most part), and where people can focus on their own self-improvement and contributing to the progress of society.

Semper exploro (I am always exploring) is one of the mottos of Starfleet, and I think that summarizes my very own way to see the world and the universe.