Glyph - Command Errors

Error Message Description
Source file 'source_file' does not exist Returned if Glyph is running in lite mode and the specified source file was not found.
Source and destination file are the same Returned if Glyph is running in lite mode and you specified the same source and destination files.
DirectoryWatcher is not available. Install it with: gem install directory_watcher Returned if auto regeneration is enabled but the directory_watcher gem in not installed.
Document cannot be finalized due to previous errors Returned if one or more errors occurred in the document prevented finalization.
Please specify a file name No file name was specified for the add command.
Output target not specified Returned if no target was specified for the compile command _and_ if the document.output setting is not set.
Unknown output target 'target_name' An unsupported output target was specified for the compile command. Only the following output targets are supported:
  • html
  • pdf
Too few/too many arguments Returned if the config command was used with no arguments or more than two arguments respectively.
Unknown setting 'setting_name' The name of an unknown setting was specified for the config command.
Cannot reset 'setting_name' setting (system use only). Returned by the config command when attempting to override a setting in the system.* namespace.