Glyph - Section Aliases

There are a lot of macros that can be used in the same way as section, one for each element commonly used in book design.

The following table lists the identifiers of all section-like macros, divided according to the part of the book they should be placed in:


imprint , dedication , inspiration , foreword , introduction , acknowledgement , prologue , toc *


volume, book, part, chapter


epilogue , afterword , postscript , appendix, addendum , glossary **‡, colophon , bibliography **‡, promotion , references **‡, index **‡, lot **‡, lof **‡

*: The toc macro is used to generate the Table of Contents automatically, and it takes no parameters.

**: This macro is likely to be extended in future versions to generate/aggregate content automatically.

: This section is not listed in the Table of Contents.

: Any subsection of this section is not listed in the Table of Contents.