Glyph - Creating your first Glyph Project

To install Glyph, simply run gem install glyph, like with any other Ruby gem. Then, create a new directory and initialize a new Glyph project, like so:

mkdir test_document

cd test_document

glyph init

That’s it. You just created a new Glyph project in the test_document directory.

Every Glyph project is comprised of the following directories:

  • images/ — used to store the image files used in your document.
  • lib/ — used to store your custom Glyph macros and Rake tasks.
  • output/ — used to store your generated output files.
  • styles/ — used to store your stylesheets.
  • text/ — used to store your source text files.

Additionally, the following files are also created at top level: