fae 🧚

Find and Edit Utility


fae pattern [ replacement --option1 --option2]


  • pattern is a regular expression to search for.
  • replacement is an optional replacement stringv use \1, \2, etc. to reference captured groups).


  • -a, --apply — Substitute all occurrences of pattern with replacement in all files without asking for confirmation.
  • -d, --directory — Search in the specified directory (default: .)
  • -f, --filter — Specify a regular expression to filter file paths.
  • -h, --help — Display this message.
  • -i, --insensitive — Case-insensitive matching.
  • -r, --recursive — Search directories recursively.
  • -s, --silent — Do not display matches.
  • -t, --test — Do not perform substitutions, just print results.
  • -v, --version — Display the program version.