Too many cooks... take #2

Today I was not going to post on my blog. I have the flu, I don't feel very well so I started reading some news feeds on Google Reader. That lasted for about half an hour, so I decided to check my old Netvibes account where I kept other feeds, including a bunch of CakePHP-related blogs.

Two posts immediately grab my attention:

I don’t trust CakePHP or what should you say in public?


Bye, bye, CakePHP team

They're both from Daniel's cakebaker blog, the one I used to read when I was really into Cake.

To cut a long story short, apparently Daniel said something wrong and he got “what he deserves” for speaking out. Naughty boy!

That's because it might have put “CakePHP and the team in a bad light”. Well, I don't know about that, but definitely now it IS in a bad light!

I even found a bunch of comment which link this incident to what happened to me a few months ago:

“I said it when Fabio/H3rald left, and I’ll say it again—I think the biggest weakness of Cake is that the core dev team is quick to cut people out who don’t hold to every dogma the devs do. Fundamentalism, ego, call it what you will, a great community will only count for so long if the core keeps alienating its biggest allies. (not that they’re neccessarily alienating you, dho. I truly hope you stick around. You do seem to be taking it well.)”

^ Whoever you are, you're 100% right.

A core asset (at least for his writings) of the CakePHP team is gone, and another (big) chunk of CakePHP PR strategy is out of play, now, it seems. While I'm sorry the CakePHP community has to get the butt-end of it as always, I'm certainly happy for Daniel who, like me, will now have a chance to look around and experiment with new things. That's right man, Rails or Django are the way to go.