Review Services

When it comes to software, I definitely like to try out new things. My collegues takes the piss out of me because every week day I come up with “some new tool they have to start using” and so on.
As a matter of fact, I like reviewing software as well. I enjoy writing and analyzing new things, evaluating all the new possibilities they may offer, and I also tend to have a rather critical eye for what doesn't feel right. I'll use a tool for months but still try out new ones which claim to do the same thing — but better — as they come out.
Unfortunately — or fortunately, depends how you look at it — when it comes to software, there are very few silver bullets, and things keep changing: that's the way it is and the way it will be.

I must try to write up a page (and ideally update it regularly, that's the hard part) listing all the tools I use, at some point… but at any rate, if you coded some new app you think kicks ass or you found a hidden jewel in the labyrinth of freeware, just let me know: I'll definitely try it out, and if it's worth a post I'll blog about it.

The same applies to books, actually, as I like reading, especially those which are related to Ruby or programming, nowadays.

The cost of such reviews and articles? Depends! Certainly I wouldn't mind donations or some compensation of some form, especially from publishers or software companies. It may be money, books, software or even nothing: it really depends on what I have to review.
Please be aware that I am not doing this full time, and I already have a job and a fiancée to look after, but I'll do my best to publish as much as I can on my site or even elsewhere elsewhere [Note: on e-zines, magazines & similar, not on your brother's friend's mother-in-law's crappy blog!].

For any inquiries, contact me (h3rald [—at—]