Announcement: RedBook v0.5.0 released

This new beta release of RedBook introduces quite a few changes when it comes to configuration and setup. Here's some highlights…h3. Regexp changes

It is now necessary to enter “proper” regular expressions for :select. Proper means between slashes, like the following:

  • /Work Day/
  • /mail/i

I changed this in order to support case-insensitive searches using the i switch. This makes queries much more powerful.


A new, interesting feature I decided to introduce in this release is variables. For now you define them inside your rbconfig.yml file, like this:

:var_monday_morning: "monday at 8 am"

:var_friday_evening: "friday at 8 pm"

:var_week_report: ":select :duration :from :%monday_morning :to :%friday_evening"

In this way, every time you type in :%week_report in RedBook, it will expand to: :select :duration :from monday at 8 am :to friday at 8 pm. By the way, completion is supported, so you'll only have to type in something like :%we and hit .

It is possible to define variables as :var_<something> in the rbconfig.yml file and then used them inside RedBook as :%<something>.

New Operations

Five new operations have been added:


This will blank your current log after asking you if you really want to do so.


This operation will overwrite your current log with the last saved backup. Like with the :blank operation, you're asked if you really want to proceed or not.


By typing :archive, the current log file will be archived to your :archives_folder: directory specified in the rbconfig.yml file (similarly, it is now possible to specify a :backups_folder: for your logs' backup files).


A simple operation to display the messages inthe current dataset.


This operation will dump the output of the last :select operation to a text file. Useful for saving the average, total time and duration of a set of activities.

Portable edition

Some Windows users will definitely love this. I finally found an easy way to run RedBook confined within the current directory, by using a simple start.bat batch file to set the INPUTRC and HOME variables temporarily to the path to the .inputrc file and the directory of RedBook executable. This makes RedBook 100% portable and suitable to be used on USB sticks &similar.

Get RedBook Portable

New Development Page

I decided to move the primary RedBook repository from Assembla to Google Code. Why? Well, nothing wrong with Assembla per se, I still think it's an excellent free service to host your public and private projects, but Google Code is faster and offers only the features I need:

  • Public SVN repository access
  • Simple-to-use issue tracker
  • Very nicely developed downloads section, with download counts, and “normal” filenames.

So here's the new RedBook Development Home:

Additionally I also setup a RedBook Support Google Group, so if you have any question concerning the program, you know where to go!