Firefox 3 Revealed

When the SitePoint staff asked me to write an article summing up all the new features of Firefox 3, I gladly accepted: I wrote about Firefox before, and I thought it was just going to be a 2-3 hours job maximum.
After diving deeper into Firefox 3 development, reading dozens of different blogs and scouting Mozilla's web sites, I realized I was wrong: Firefox 3 introduced a lot of new things, and keeping track of all of them, I admit, was quite a hard task.

Nevertheless, I wrote the article and delivered it to SitePoint in time fore the release, but my editor “complained” that 8,300+ words was about 3 times over the minimum requirements for a feature article!
“I don't really think that people can read the whole thing online” —, he said, and I somehow agreed.

In the end, they decided to pack my “article” into a 30-pages PDF eBook which can be downloaded absolutely free of charge from SitePoint web site as well, so here it is:

Firefox 3 Revealed

If you prefer though, you can still read the article directly on SitePoint, here.

This guide aims to give you a comprehensive overview of virtually all the new features and improvements introduced by Firefox 3.

I would like to thank the whole SitePoint staff for giving me the opportunity to write this eBook, and in particular Matthew Magain for his help and support (and for creating the PDF on a Sunday evening!).
Additionally, I would also like to thank the Mozilla Development Team for their awesome job with Firefox 3 and everyone else who made this eBook possible.

Update: Feel free to digg this eBook!