Back from holiday

I'm back. I was so eager to go on holiday that I didn't even bother writing a post about it, too bad. I actually when on holiday for a week but I thought I'd take three weeks off from my blog duties in favor of laziness and relax, but unfortunately my laptop decided to go wrong as well, so I didn't actually manage to relax that much.

Now everything is fine. I still have to send in my laptop for assistance but it's usable at least, and I finally found the time (and the money) to buy a desktop PC. I always wanted to build my own, actually, but in the end I decided to opt for a pre-made Fujitsu Siemens, mainly for economic reasons and time constraints. I won't publish the specs, but it's alright for me and my fiancée.

So what now? Well… the usual: more posts will soon be added to the Simply On Rails series, a Ruby-related article is on the way (it will be edited by the excellent CyberArmy Publication Editing Staff this time), I may venture in a site upgrade whenever they decide to release version 4.2 of Typo which is supposed to be imminent and I'll eventually complete another pet project of mine, but that will take more time…

Stay tuned.