Introducing: "CakePHP Recipes"

Despite all my efforts to keep the whole thing quiet for the time being, a few days ago I entered the words “CakePHP Recipes” in Google and discovered – to my astonishment – that my new book about the CakePHP framework is already for (pre)sale in many popular online bookstores.

Up to now I never made any formal announcement myself (although the Cake Software Foundation already did, months ago), nor gave out any juicy details about it, but maybe now the time has come to post something more about it. Yes, I am indeed writing a book about the CakePHP framework, and yes, you can already buy it but no, you can't phisically get it simply because it's still in progress (miracles of the modern publishing industry!).

I'd like to point out that I'm not the only author of the book: all the code examples and snippets included in the book is provided by the Cake Software Foundation staff, in the person of Larry E. Masters and Garrett J. Woodworth mainly, who will also act as technical editors and first reviewers of the book, together with other trusthworthy CakePHP core developers.
It is our intent to produce an enjoyable and yet very useful book which will hopefully help CakePHP enthusiasts to use the framework in real-world situations: the book will not focus on theory but on practice, by providing a lot of interesting “recipes” on how to implement a particular functionality in a CakePHP web application.

Why should you get it? Here are some reasons:

  • It is a book written by programmers for programmers
  • All the code included in the book has been created and tested by the creators of the framework
  • Part of all the revenues generated by the book (including royalties) will go to the Cake Software Foundation, and hopefully contribute to improve our already excellent framework.

Very special thanks to Peachpit Press for giving me and the Cake Software Foundation this chance to

More to come…

UPDATE: This book has been canceled and therefore will NEVER be available in bookshops or online stores.