Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

Or why I am still going to use Nanoc for the foreseeable future

Every so often I wonder whether I should ditch my current blogging platform and try something new and shiny that just came out. Luckily, normally I come back to the same conclusion: I don’t need to change anything, I just need to find the time and the will to write about something.

This time is no different, but I thought I’d write a roundup of platforms, services, and tools that you can use for blogging or managing your personal sites. Note that this roundup is by no means exhaustive (like most roundups) — it’s just a quick overview of the pros and cons of a few systems that I’ve been researching on lately. Maybe it will be useful to someone.

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Book Review: Best Practices for Technical Writers and Editors

Simply all the books your Documentation Team needs

I’ve been working in Technical Communications for nearly seven years now, first and foremost Technical Writer and more recently as Documentation Manager. In other words, my work revolves around manuals and online helps, authoring tools and guidelines, documentation standards and… you get the picture.

And yet, although I write articles and develop documentation tools in my free time as well, I rarely write about my job on this site. But when I was offered the opportunity to read and review Best Practices for Technical Writers and Editors, I just couldn’t resist.

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A new minimalist design, powered by Twitter Bootstrap

One of the many things that really bothered me about my web site was the fact that it didn’t look good on my iPhone, or any small screen for that matter.

Years ago I read about responsive web design, media queries, etc., but I never had the will or the time to dive into the subject. Then Twitter Bootstrap came out, and it changed everything.

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Glyph 0.5.0 Released

Featuring Calibre integration, macro composition, Turing-completeness, and more

Too much time passed since the last Glyph release. Way too much. Finally I found the time and will to tidy up the last few remaining bugs, update the docs, and release it!

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Ruby Compendium v0.2.0 released

With up-to-date Ruby implementations, more resources, and online version

The Ruby Compendium has been updated, and it now lists the most up-to-date versions of various Ruby implementatios, even more web sites, books, podcasts, and Rubyists. In addition to the PDF version, the book can now be read online here on

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Getting things done... in Wonderland!

Why Wunderlist is the only Todo List I'll ever need

I don’t remember the exact day when I started using a todo list in a serious way. It definitely happened at work, but I can’t remember when exactly. The point is that, once I started working (and getting paid for what I love doing – writing), I slowly turned into a real productivity freak.

I write everything down. My colleagues know that if I say that I’ll do something right now but I don’t do it within five minutes, they have to assume that I forgot about it altogether and they’d better send me an email.

I am not a paper person. Never been one. When I got a job which consisted in working on the computer for eight hours a day, I started looking for todo list programs. That turned into an endless quest: I tried X for a few weeks, then I discovered that Y was better, used it for months, then moved onto Z, and so on.

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Herald (Vim Color Scheme)

My very own VIM color scheme. Featuring 256, 16 and 8 color support, high readability and... pretty colors!